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If you are currently running an arts project or you are thinking about getting started, we hope this publication will prove very helpful. It is intended as a guide for both youth workers (paid and voluntary) and artists who wish to carry out an arts project with a group of young people. It is, however, not aimed at planning and running ‘once-off’ facilitated workshops, rather its focus is on arts projects or programmes (large or small) which take place over a period of time.

Creating Magic describes the processes and realities of planning and delivering a high quality arts project with young people. The document illustrates the many phases involved in moving from an original idea, on to exploring an art form, through to the final completion of a project or programme. This is not a linear planning process where one step follows another but rather an overlapping, flowing process where the project remains responsive and open to needs and local circumstances as they arise. Each project is unique in its starting point and in the steps it takes to move from concept to reality. As with any project, you will juggle a number of aspects and phases simultaneously. This publication intends to stimulate thought, to challenge, to provoke, and to inspire as you move through this process with young people.

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