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Saoirse Reynolds

Saoirse Reynolds is Youth Arts Development Officer at NYCI. She was previously a youth Worker and youth arts facilitator in the Brú Youth Service, Crumlin. Her educational background is in Art, Design and Mixed Media from BCFE, BA in Visual Communications from D.I.T, MA in Youth and Community from NUIM and Youth Arts from NYCI. Saoirse has a huge passion for working with young people and promoting the power of youth arts. She believes that meaningful collaborations are the secret to success in youth arts.

Articles by this author:

What did I learn on the Certificate in Youth Arts?

The NUI Certificate in Youth Arts course gave me a lot of practical tools which I have brought into my own youth work practice. I have reused or taken aspects of modules and integrated them into my own youth work programs. The variety of tutors, guest speakers and site visits kept me interested, focused and inspired. Put simply, they joined up a lot of scattered dots and developed a new language for understanding and articulating just what Youth Arts means to me and what it means to our culture and society and its place in youth work.

Evaluating outcomes: How to use 'Capturing Magic'

A Practical Guide to using NYCI’s ‘Capturing Magic’ – a tool for evaluating outcomes in youth arts projects in line with the National Quality Standards Framework

12 Tips for Embedding the Arts in Your Youth Work Setting

12 Trusty Tips for Starting and Sustaining Youth Arts Work:

Youth arts work involves, by necessity and design, the collaboration of young people, youth workers and artists – and this combination of people and purpose is powerful when approached in a meaningful way.

Various artistic mediums are used to address young people’s needs and various issues they face, and I have experienced the direct benefits for young people and organisations using the approaches described below when they engage in arts practice.