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Young People, Creative Action and Social Change (2008)

This research (commissioned by NYCI’s Arts Programme) aims to assess the value of participation in the arts to young people, and to demonstrate how participation in arts practice impacts on the individual and at a societal level. In addition, the study aimed to: examine a number of specific art forms, e.g. visual arts, theatre, music, dance and literature; identify a number of contexts within which young people experience the above art forms; explore the links between proficiency in specific art forms and development of broader cognitive, social and creative skills; explore the relationship between arts experience in school and out of school.

This study also gave young people the opportunity to discuss what participating in the arts means to them. What do they get out of participating in the arts? Has participation in the arts changed them in any way?

The study involved conducting in-depth research with approximately 50 young people, between the ages of 10 and 18, involved in 5 youth arts projects or programmes. The projects were selected on a number of criteria including diverse art forms and geographical location. Also, we aimed for a sample which reflects the views of young people from different social backgrounds.

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