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Drama For Dialogue - A tailored training programme for youth organisations

Are you interested in a dynamic method which is youth led and supports young people to explore topics that they are concerned with and work out their own solutions for change?

If you are, then Drama for Dialogue is the training for you.

No drama experience necessary.

The Training

Drama for Dialogue is a structured drama programme which youth workers will be introduced to and given the expertise to deliver. The 2 day training will give participants the skills and confidence to engage a youth group through drama methods on issues that are of concern to them and work out solutions for change. During the training participants will have the opportunity to step out of the programme, reflect on the drama methods and examine how they may include it in their own work practice.

This programme can be run in your organisation or with a group of workers from different projects within your area/organisation.

Participants will be given resource material which will support them in their work after the training. In addition, mentoring support will be offered to participants by the NYCI tutor Niamh Dillon.

'The fact that the class was student led made a difference. We learnt useful things because we were talking about our stuff.'

'A different way of working. It allowed a deeper exploration of issues than talk in class.'

Previous young people's comments on the Drama for Dialogue programme.


Take Away Skills

Drama for Dialogue will give you the tools to enable you to work with your youth groups to explore issues that concern them and to figure out solutions for change.


You will have a set of tools that you will be able to use in a variety of ways within your work,

  • Examine a subject that is live for your group. You will be able to draw out different perspectives. Establish confidence in the group to have different points of view and develop understanding.
  • Set up a drama project to examine subjects the group have identified using the complete Drama for Dialogue programme.
  • Insitigate a peer education group - Having worked with a group of young people using the Drama for Dialogue programme it maybe apparent that you have a piece of drama which
  • Illustrates a subject that could be shared with the wider community. The youth group may decide to perform the piece for various groups in their community and draw out responses from the communities using interative theatre methods.


This programme was devised by Niamh Dillon based on the work of Micheal Rohd who used the methods to instigate education programmes on HIV across the USA. Numerous peer educations groups developed as a result of the work he did with communities in America.


The training: 2 consecutive days (9am-5pm)

Cost: €400 (2 day training for 8-20 youth workers)

We are inviting Youth Organisations/Projects to apply for this training.

We will deliver the training over 2 consecutive days 9am-5pm.

We need 8-20 youth workers to sign up for the training.

We need the youth organisation or Project to supply a venue and tea/coffee.

For more information contact Niamh Dillon at NYCI 01-4784122.